Coolux Releases Version 4.7 for Pandora’s Box

The Pandoras Box Version 4.7 software update features some major improvements like the groundbreaking FluidFrame™ Technology, the new Pandoras Box Warper and Windows 7 compatibility. This latest version of Pandoras Box is more versatile and powerful than ever before.

NEW FluidFrame

FluidFrame Technology addresses a common topic in live video processing as well as signal processing in general. Imagine you run genlocked HD-SDI Streams @59.94hz and output them at 60hz via DVI.

With FluidFrame Technology Coolux has created a solution that offers a smooth cross-conversion that can take any input and output frame rate, supporting both interlaced and progressive sources and clips.

FluidFrame Technology is a new powerful feature for both 2D and Stereo3D (S3D), it supports 50/60 fps videos and live streams with Pandoras Box Servers. Coolux’s proprietary encoder now supports 1920×1080@60p and 1920×1080@50p.

NEW ScreenMask

The new Warper allows the user to create cut outs and mask while painting onto the projected surface from within PB Warp. The new zoom and pan features allow precise texture based warping.

NEW Windows 7 compatibility

Both the Coolux Pandoras Box Manager and the Pandoras Box Player are now fully compatible with the Windows 7 operating system.

Learn more about version 4.7 by visiting Coolux website at