Cuelux Lighting Control Avialable for 64bit on Windows 7

Visual Productions, a software lighting control company from the Netherlands has just announced that there lighting control software, Cuelux, is available for 64 bit computing on Windows 7 Operating Systems. Cuelux driver is available for all 64 bit versions of the Windows operating systems, XP, Vista and the new Windows 7.  At the time of Vista, 64 bit versions gained popularity; now with the release of Windows 7 roughly half of all Windows 7 systems sold are 64 bit. Visual Productions is one of only a hand full of Lighting Manufacturers to develop a 64 bit version of lighting software, a huge accomplishment.

What else is exciting about Cuelux is that not only is it available on windows, but runs nativity on Mac osX and flavors of Linux.  Cuelux is able to run on any of the platforms with the same functionality.

Want to give Cuelux a run?  Download a copy of Cuelux for any of the above operating systems by visiting Cuelux web site at