Day 1 of #SETC and the Tech Mixer

I am down in Lexington, KY this week for the Southeastern Theatre Conference, or SETC.  Talk about just an awesome conference.  Schools, Festivals and employers from around the country converge on SETC every year looking for students to work during the summer and possibly future.  Then of course there are the actors an dancers running around auditioning and trying to make it big.

The conference does not officially start…um… right now!  But last night Tomcat Truss hosted the annual Tech Mixer as a way for all of us “technical folk” can get together, meet and get to know one another. There w1as also the bar, the food and the prizes!  By the way, if you won one of the two $10 iTunes cards last night… Congrats!!! Not only did I donate some prizes to give away, but it seemed like the almost ALL of the manufacturer exhibiting gave something as a prize! I also gave out what seemed like 500 stickers while walking around the Tech Mixer and I think I didn’t get everyone!

Here are just a couple of photos from last nights Tech Mixer that was hosted by Tomcat Truss and lite by Altman Stage Lighting and their Specta Par and Spectra Cyc LEDs. Thanks again for a great night!