Day One from NAB 2010

Day one of NAB is in the bag, to bad I missed a good portion of it.  I spent most of yesterday traveling to Las Vegas for the NAB Show. I did how ever get a chance to get over to the show for the last two hours.  After making a delivery for Nila and find Beth, Tom and Phil at the SeaChanger booth and doing a quick interview, I had some time to quickly walk a fraction on the show floor to say hi to some friends.

After the show closed at 6pm, we all piled into the SeaChanger Suburban to head back to Treasure Island.  It is at this point everyone asked me which side of the hotel my room is on.  Well, when I checked in a asked for a strip view, why not right, pretty lights and an over head view of the pirate show below.  That is when everyone in the car began to laugh at me.  Apparently the pirate show goes until midnight and is very loud and will keep me awake. And yes, they were correct, it was very loud, but I had the iPod kicking a little music to put me to sleep so no harm, no foul.

Seeing as I was still three hours ahead of Vegas, I needed to get to sleep and get refreshed for today. Look for photos from day 2 of NAB here later today, or for those of you back home, first thing in the morning.