DMX Switch iPhone App – Yeah Another One

Tell me if you have seen this before… A DMX switch calculator app for the iPhone/iPod Touch? Yup, there is another one out there. Honestly people, take a look at the iTunes App Store.  As of right now there are 11, yes 11 dip switch calculators in the store now.  Yes, a good portion of them offer additional features rather then just he dip switch calculator. But another stand alone app?

I am a huge supporter of the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad development process for our industry, but let get real, not everyone loves the iPhone, some people prefer the BlackBerry or Droid.  So where are the apps for those devices?  Take a look around their app stores, there isn’t much there.

A suggestion to future developers, take a look at the Droid and Blackberry SDK… Who knows, you might be the first to market with a useful app.  And if you don’t mind, learn the iPhone SDK, i’d like a copy of the app for the iPhone!

Back to the app. Daniel Greencorn developed and released the DMX Switch App for the iPhone/iPod Touch.  It does exactly what you expect it to do.  It calculates the dip switch position for you based on which DMX address you are trying to address a device to. It is a very simple and straight forward app with no frills or fluff, simple and easy to use.

Give DMX Switch a try, it is a FREE download from the iTunes App Store.