Doug Fleenor Design DMX Dimmer Pack

Christmas is around the corner and Dr. DMX want’s you to be prepared this year with his new DMX Dimmer Pack.

With the advent of some pretty cool youtube videos over the past few years of DIY Christmas light displays everyone seems to be wanting to create a new Christmas display to one up their neighbors. The problem was that there are only a couple of options- you either went with a full industrialĀ strength* with a couple of 96-way touring ETC Sensor racks, a few dozen Colorblasts, and a pixelmap that makes your mom cry. Or you could just go for more budget friendly options like the modular Light-O-Rama system.

Now lets welcome Doug Fleenor to the game. Their newest product showcased this year at LDI is the DMX Dimmer Pack, specifically designed for Christmas light applications. Each 1 unit rack mountable dimmer pack has 24 100 watt dimmers Ā and run off of two regular household circuits.

The dimmers use a square dimming curve and no minimum load requirement so not only can you use your standard light strings, but you can also use LED strands (given they are 120v). Averaging 50 bulbs per string you’re talking something close to 20 strands per circuit. Not to shabby at all. Each dimmer also has a “leakage control system” so you don’t have to worry about any lights ghosting.

The unit takes and passes DMX, so you can hook up your favorite controller and go to town. Each unit can be addressed by the three thumbwheel switches on the front.

The units go for $1,500 and can be configured at the factory for custom built in chases.

*Some examples may be slightly exaggerated.

Images courtesy of Doug Fleenor Design