Dr. DMX YouTube Channel

dr_dmx_youtube_channelJfleenor, a user on the ControlBooth.com just recently put up a post about Dr. DMX, better known as Doug Fleenor from Dour Fleenor Design.  Jfleenor is actually Janell Fleenor, Doug’s Daughter and Master DMX Blender from LDI 2009.

Janell posted over at the ControlBooth about DFD, (Doug Fleenor Design) latest adventures, the Dr. DMX YouTube Channel.  Dr. DMX himself has started an informational video series about the properties and functionality of DMX.  The series kicks off with two videos with Dr. DMX talking about the importance of using the proper DMX cable and how DMX works over cables.

When you get a chance, head over to the Dr. DMX YouTube Channel to see the animated Dr. at work. He really is a mad scientist some times! ;)  Thanks David for point this out to me!