E:Cue Introduces Video Micro Converter, (VMC)

E:cue Lighting recently announced the release of a new product, the VMC or Video Micro Converter. The Video Micro Converter (VMC) is a compact device used to convert a DVI signal to DMX or e:pix*, for LED control of large media screens.  Specially designed to easily output video content on LED media installations, one VMC grabs video signals of up to 4096 pixels.  For video lighting installations requiring more than 4096 pixels, multiple VMCs can be daisy chained to convert the entire DVI signal to DMX or e:pix.

The VMC features very flexible pixel mapping capabilities for demanding LED installations ranging from a few hundred, to one million pixels. There are two available versions  of this device;  VMC outputs DMX and e:pix, while the VMC DMX outputs only DMX.

Some of the Key Features of the VMC

  • Highly Versatile Pixel Mapping Capabilities
  • Grabs and Converts up to 4096 DVI pixels per VMC
  • Internal Active DVI Signal Booster
  • Stored Default Image
  • Arrange Lighting Fixture and setup VMC’s using the e:cue Software Suite

To learn more about the VMC from e:cue, visit their web site at www.ecue.com.