Elation Focuses on Compact & Energy-Efficient Lights at ProLight + Sound

This year at ProLight + Sound in Frankfurt Germany, Elation Professional is focusing their product lineup on energy efficiency.  With the growing trend of LEDs and “Going Green”, Elation is showing off a couple of fixtures that not only are energy-efficient, but also pack a punch with some of the features and light output that we have come to expect in certain fixtures.  Here is a little info on just a couple of the fixtures that Elation will be showing of at Prolight + Sound 2010.

Platinum Spot 5R – This DMX moving head produces an output comparable to a 575-watt fixture, yet is half the size, uses less than half the energy and weighs half as much as a typical 250-watt fixture!.  The secret is its advanced MSD Platinum 5R technology, a revolutionary lamp source from Philips, which rated at 2,000 hours, also burns twice as long as a conventional 575-watt fixture’s lamp.  Additionally, the Platinum Spot 5R moves faster than traditional moving heads on pan and tilt, as well as on color-gobo changes. It offers a full complement of professional design features, including: 8 dichroic colors; 22 gobos (8 rotating/indexing, 14 static); 3-Facet Rotating Prism effect; Variable Frost; Motorized Iris; Motorized Focus; Variable speed Shutter/Strobe; and 0-100% Mechanical Dimmer.

Design Spot LED —   An LED-powered version of Elation’s popular Design Spot 250 Pro DMX moving head, the Design Spot LED weighs less than the original model while offering output equal to a 250-watt discharge lamp plus an extended 50,000-hour LED lamp life.  It offers all the same features as the original, including a Variable Frost Filter, which allows it to function as a hybrid spot/wash effect, and a Motorized Iris and Motorized Focus. Nine dichroic colors, 14 gobos (7 rotating/indexing, 7 static) and a 3-facet Rotating/Indexing Prism are also included.

E Spot LED – A 14-channel DMX spot effect with a 50,000-hour rated  LED light source, the E Spot LED has an output greater than a standard 150-watt discharge fixture, while consuming about half the energy. At a featherweight 25 lbs. and petite 8”L x 11.8”W x 17.2”H, it’s packed with features for its compact size, including 8 dichroic colors, 7 rotating/indexing gobos, 3 rotating/indexing prisms (3-facet, 5-facet and 3D), Motorized Focus, Variable Speed Shutter/Strobe and 0-100% Mechanical Dimmer.

If you find yourself in the land of Hefeweizen, Wiener Schnitzel and Sausage, (Frankfurt Germany), between March 24 and 27, make sure to stop by ProLight + Sound to check out the Elation Fixtures on the Booth D51, Hall 11.