Elation Professional Announces Design Spot LED Mover

Elation Professional recently announced the arrival of another moving light to their Design Spot series of lights, the Deign Spot LED.  The Design Spot LED is an LED-powered version of Elation’s popular Design Spot 250 Pro DMX moving head.

At 48.5 lbs./22 kilograms, the Elation Design Spot LED weighs less than the original Design Spot 250 Pro, yet this powerful LED fixture produces a light output comparable to a 250-watt discharge lamp. It also offers the easy maintenance typically associated with LED fixtures, since its extended lamp life is 50,000 hours.

Like the original Design Spot 250 Pro, the new Design Spot LED features a variable Frost Filter, which allows it to function as a hybrid spot/wash effect. Other features include a Motorized Iris, Motorized Focus, and Variable Speed Shutter/Strobe, as well as improved optics and a flat beam field.  Dimming of the lamp is ultra smooth via internal electronic dimmer for the led and built in strobe effects of the LED source are amazingly fast.

With 9 dichroic colors, 14 gobos (7 rotating/indexing, 7 static), a 3-facet Rotating/Indexing Prism and a 15° Beam Angle included as basic features, the Design Spot LED opens unlimited creative possibilities to the lighting designer.  The fixture also includes Pan/Tilt 540/630 x 265, Mechanical Dimmer 0-100%, 16 DMX Channels, 3-pin and 5-pin DMX and a CBM-360-W-LED 90 Watt CRI 70 6,500K lamp.

The Design Spot LED measures 16.75”L x 16.75”W x 19.75”H/42.55 x 42.55 x 50.17 cm. Aside from making this ruggedly designed fixture easy to install, this compact size, together with the fixture’s  light weight, help reduce freight cost if the light is shipped from gig to gig.

The MSRP of the Design Spot LED is $3,399.95. To learn more about the Elation Design Spot LED, visit their web site at www.elationlighting.com.