ESTA Summer Edition of Protocol Journal is Out

Are you a technology freak like me?  I love technology in our industry.  It seems that every time you turn around, something new and exciting is happening in our industry that can make our lives easier and give us control and design options never though of before. The ESTA Journal, Protocol is a great resource for any tech head out there. I have been reading Protocol ever since I heard about it eight years ago.  Each quarter when it shows up in my mailbox, I get super excited and read it cover to cover as quick as possible. Then I come back and re-read articles again and again to make sure I didn’t miss anything. There is ALWAYS a great column by Mike Wood, Out of the Wood that covers some sort of lighting technology or product review. This month was no disappointment, How do Plasma Lamps Work?  I had a rough idea, but Mike broke it down and now, I have a great understanding of the technology. This is just one of the great articles in the journal.

I highly recommend heading over to ESTA web site and subscribing to the Protocol Journal.  The print subscription is FREE to anyone.  Since it is FREE, I would like to make a suggestion, consider donating a bit to the ESTA Foundation’s, Behind the Scenes in return.  ESTA is putting out a great journal each quarter and ask nothing in return.  I on the other hand implore you to donate what ever you can to show your thanks.  Good karma will come your way. ;)

If you are a green freak and want to save the plant by not getting the printed edition, you can read the Protocol Journal online through the ESTA web site as well.