ETC Updates iRFR iPhone App to v1.1.33 with iPad Support

Mid last week, ETC’s, (Electronic Theatre Controls), iRFR iPhone App was approved through the Apple iTunes App store for release of version 1.1.33.  The most significant change from pervious versions of the iRFR app is the support to run the app natively on the iPad.  ETC has taken full use of the larger screen and added more functions to the app. Some of the new features found in version 1.1.33 are thus:

  • View the active cue list
  • interact with the active cue list, in a separate screen
  • Access to a pan/tilt encoder display
  • Console connect list
  • iPad specific – create full encoder controls page, add cue notes

The iRFR app can be used with version 1.6 or higher of the Eos Family of consoles and version 5.1.0 or higher of Congo consoles.  There is a little bit of networking and wireless access point setup that needs to be completed before the iRFR app can connect to any of the afore mentioned consoles.  ETC has written up some how-tos and step by step guide to connect the iRFR to your console which can be found on their WiKi pages.

The app is a free update to current owners of the app and works both on the iPhone and the iPad.  For new users, the iRFR app cost $49.99 USD.  There are still to versions of the iRFR app in the iTunes app store, the iRFR-BTS and the iRFR-LR.  They are the same exact app, just that the procedes from the iRFR-BTS goes to ESTA Foundations Behind the Scenes and the procedes from iRFR-LR goes to Light Relief, both industry charities that support our fallen or disabled brothers and sisters.

Helpful hint, if you do not have a console to connect your iRFR app to, no worries, you can connect the app to the offline editor of either console family and get up running to get use to the new update.