Field Template Releases New Metric Drafting Stencil, The METRIC RULES!

The METRIC RULES! Stencil is the latest offering from Field Template. Using the patented Pro•Grid Metric 50 system, all cutout lighting symbols are pre-spaced 50 centimeters apart and aligned onto a horizontal axis like a batten. Manufacturers include ETC, Selecon, Strand, Robert Juliat, CCT, L&E, Reich & Vogel, and even includes a favorite of many designers, the Strand Patt 23! Adjacent to every 1:25 cutout symbol is text displaying the metric weight, cut color size, and beam spread information for that symbol.

The METRIC RULES! Stencil also contains a substantial collection of ancillary symbols not found on any other template; LED dots, HMI indicators, dimming shutters, scrollers, top hats, half hats, along with several sizes of circles, rectangles, squares, triangles, and generic moving light symbols.

The METRIC RULES! Stencil is laid out so that every lighting and ancillary symbol is repeated in two scales—both 1:50 and 1:25. The scales are printed on either side of the template. ½” and ¼” scales are also printed on the scalloped edge of the template.

The METRIC RULES! Stencil is packaged in an A4 page format. Four cutout holes across the 1:25 edge allow it to snap into a 2-hole or 4-hole A4 binder. The top sticks out to act as a tab separator in the notebook.

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