Fireworks, Oh So Much Fun and Dangerous too

Did everyone have a fun forth of July?  Blow up anything good?  I got to play a little bit, but NOTHING like the professionals. Besides, to light anything off like the professionals, you have to have a pyro license did you know that?  Yes, the fellas setting off the huge displays around the country are professionals and well trained ones at that!  It’s not as simple as lighting off some mortars with a flare any more.  Modern firework displays are timed out to music with military precision, use high tech firing control consoles and some pretty powerful rockets and chemicals to light up the sky.

Wikipedia has a great write up on the details of pyrotechnics and what might be involved in getting a license to light up the night sky with rockets and chemicals. It seems as though each state has it owns requirements for getting a license so you may want to check with your state government on what it takes to get a license as there doesn’t seem to be a federal law or certification. If you want to get your pyro license, do some home work and get educated on the subject.  Blowing stuff up in the air is really an air and requires some knowledge before that can happen.

And now for the fireworks!  I missed this years fireworks display in DC as I was in Michigan with family.  But no fear, the White House has me covered on YouTube!