First Edition iSquint T-Shirt Are In!

The first edition of the iSquint t-shirts are in… HURRAY!  If you can remember back to last month.  I know, it seems so long ago, the start of fall has been crazy busy! So last month I ran a contest for you guys to come up with a great new phrase for the back of the first EVER iSquint t-shirt. There were tons of submissions, it was tough to chose just 10 to put up for voting, let me tell you.

So after narrowing it down to just 10 phrases, I added a poll to the site for you guys to chose which of the top ten phrases should be put on the back of the t-shirts. It was a close race for a while and then one submission started to lead the pack.

The winning submission from Nik Robalino took home the very first iSquint t-shirt phrase.  And the winning phrase being iSquint so you don’t have to.  I love it by the way!  So congrats Nik, and enjoy your t-shirt, wear it proud, you earned it!

You can pick up your own iSquint t-shirt by visiting the iSquint online shop.  For just $20 USD, you get one of the limited first edition iSquint t-shirts!  Thanks every one for your great submissions and supporting iSquint.  I heart you ALL!