GAM Introduces Go-Lite Remote Relay

GAM Products recently introduced their latest product to the Go-Lite series of products, the Go-Lite Remote Relay Unit.  The unit offers the ability to remote control a relay for loads up to 4000 watts either AC or DC. Used with the Go-Lite Controller, you connect the units via a low voltage wire and BAM, instant control of the relay unit.

Here is how it works:

Connect the Remote Relay to your choice of power input. This connection is made through the 12 inch pigtails extending from the side of the Remote Relay enclosure. You may select a unit with bare wires or with specific connectors such as Edison, Stage Pin, Twist Lock, etc. Low voltage 6-wire telephone cable goes from the GO-LITE™ Controller RJ-25 receptacle marked”A” to receptacle marked “B” on the Relay Box.

To learn more about the GAM Go-Lite Remote Replay unit, visit their web site at