Get Triped Out Online – MoodLight Online App

Last night while scrolling through the massive inbox, I came across an interesting note.  Steve from MoodLight sent me a note about his new online color changing app, MoodLight.

MoodLight turns your computer screen into a multi-purpose, color changing light. The online app can be customized by choosing your own color, adding effects, and setting the color changing speed.  The app can serve as a strobe light, disco light or as an ambient light to match your mood.

I tried it out this morning.  Helpful hint, make sure you have had a cup of coffee before hand! It got a little tripy this early in the morning.  MoodLight has some different color presets to switch from to match your present state of mind.  Not finding a preset that you like?  MoodLight has the ability to detect your current mood by using your webcam and or mic.

I had a lot of fun playing with it this morning. Does MoodLight offer any practical use for lighting design, no, but it is a lot of fun to play with.  Be warned, if you are sensitive to flashing lights or have photosensitive epilepsy, do not use MoodLight!

Excellent work Steve, thanks for sharing! Visit and/or follow them on twitter, @MoodLightApp.