GLP Ignition Truss Toner System

GLP or German Light Products debuted a new truss toner system at LDI this year.

It has quite a few things going for it-┬árelatively light weight, 5 pin data and Powercon pass through, great color rendering, and pretty bright based on the number of LEDs it has. Oh, can’t forget that it’s RDM compliant.

There are removable wings on the sides so the unit can sit snuggly at the base of an upright truss or used to secure it in a flown truss. And see those corners? They fit just on the inside of the truss bolts.

According to the rep on the floor that I spoke to there is only a 12 square truss model but plans for larger and irregular sizes are in the works. At time of writing there is still nothing on their website, and no price was mentioned.