Halloween and LEDs, Oh My

For the past month or two, I have been hinting over on twitter that I was working on something special for Halloween this year.  Halloween has come and gone and here is what I have been working on.  With everything that has been going on lately, like this little trade show called LDI and huge amounts of work, I found time to put a little light show together lighting up my house.

I quickly ran out of time putting this together so I didn’t get to write any time code to music for the lights which still irks me a little, but over all, I am pretty happy with how it turned out.  Apparently I won best decorated house in the neighborhood… I didn’t know there was a contest!  I think it was just recognition, I wish there was some prize money!

The F100 fogger really made the house look spokie and awesome, I just wish it kept working for the video and photos.  Sorry guys.  But the best part of the night was a kid dressed in a spider man costume.  He kept getting “stuck” on the spider webs on the ground for the source 4.  I still laugh to myself when I think of that, so original!

Anyways, have a look, let me know what you think.  I included a bit about how I controlled the entire rig in the last 2 minutes for us control geek/nerds.