High Resolution System Announces Web Based Universal Device Controller – UDC-400

Want to control a number of things over the web?  Take a look at the High Resolution Systems UDC-400 3.0. It is a software based Universal Device Controller that send signals to any device has an IP address.  Commands can be sent or Art-Net or serial protocols. You can also build protocol translation tables to allow devices without common languages to communicate. (Ex: PBUS translation to any other protocol).

The software is geared towards staging, rentals, broadcast, House of Worship, almost any place that requires execution of commands across a complex network of protocols. What is nice about the software is that it has a web interface.  Anyone with a network connection to the server can log in and access the controller.  It even works on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android portable devices.  In fact, any portable device with a web browser can access the controller.

Here is a quick overview of how the system functions from High Resolution Systems.

To learn more about the High Resolution Systems Universal Device Controller, head over to their website at www.highresolutionsystems.com.