How Passionate Are You About Your Work?

When it comes to the arts, you really have to have a passion for what you do.  Actors and technicians alike can have a tough time breaking into the business.  With Passion comes the fruit of your labors. Along with a bit of practice and a little know how added in.

A good friend and I were recently talking about the MagicQ MQ100 from ChamSys.  When the subject of control desk comes around, I can talk all day, but I digress.  Dave mentioned to me, “have you seen that video of the NiN Lite Guy? He goes through MQ300 like no ones business!”.  I had to Google that, and man is there some videos!

Take a look at Jason Bullock, the lighting desk operator for NiN. From the multiple YouTube videos I have seen of Jason at the desk, I have to believe that one, he loves NiN music, two, he is pretty passionate about his work. Take a look for yourself of Jason behind the desk really enjoying his job.  My question to you is, are you that passionate about your work?

I love the fist pump in this one!