iGlo LED Set

iGlo LED SetFirst there was rope light. Its incandescent glow adorned many a stage as running lights (and dorm rooms). Over time it would lose its intensity and saturation and you would find sections dead for no reason.

Then came the LED rope light. It was beautiful. The colors so crisp, the intensity popped. But unless you were willing to shell out big money, you were stuck with a single color non-dimmable  rope light. If you were willing to spend the money it required a hard wired proprietary controller that didn’t easily, if at all, work with DMX.

Now comes the iGlo LED set. Each rope is 5 meters (16.4ish feet) of 120 tri-color LEDs that are controllable over any Wi-fi network by a web based interface or a free iPhone app. The software looks fairly intuitive and comes with some pre-programmed sequences or you can build your own in real time. When I tried to test the iPhone app it required that the hardware be connected, so I can’t verify if you can save a sequence or not.

It’s not cheap at $299 for a full set and $199 for each additional section. But if you want to throw a swanky party or a performance art piece where people have the ability to control the show, this might be a good option.

So I’m curious, what would you use it for?