Interactive Technologies Announces Figment DMX for iOS & CueServer Express

I have always had a fascination for Interactive Technologies products, especially their CueServer.  Rather then developing a traditional lighting desk, they built a rack “desk” that you access via http or web page. While the CueServer “desk” is not marketed as a live playback desk, but as an architectural and themed environment control. How cool is that! You can customize your “control surface” all just by designing a web page.

Interactive Technologies has stepped it up a bit and developed & launched their Figment DMX iOS app. The ultimate remote focus, show control and programming app for CueServer. Designed for lighting designers, technicians and riggers, Figment is a powerful application for wirelessly controlling multiple universes of DMX lighting via the popular family of CueServer DMX interfaces.

Figment requires any one of five different models of CueServer DMX interface and a WiFi wireless network or 3G connection via a publicly accessible IP address. Figment will also run without a CueServer interface for exploring the software.

You can learn more about the Figment DMX App on Interactive Technologies website as well as download your FREE copy of the app from the iTunes App Store.

CueServer Express

Along with the Figment DMX App, Interactive Technology announced the arrival of the CueServer Express.  If you are a MacAddict like me, think of the CueServer Express and the Airport Express of the CueServer lineup.  Portable, easy setup and fully featured as the CueServer but optimized for use with the Figment DMX app and other cost-sensitive control projects.

CueServer is a complete lighting playback and integration processor, featuring advanced DMX lighting control, sophisticated event scripting and robust I/O capabilities combined in a tiny web-based device. Great for both architectural and entertainment lighting control projects, CueServer provides an unprecedented level of control and customization in an easy-to-use package.

To learn more about the CueServer Express, visit Interactive Technologies website,

If you are heading out to Las Vegas next week for LDI, make sure to stop by Interactive Technologies stand, #1967 and see the Figment DMX app, CueServer Express and all of their other products in action.