iOS App: e:cue Action Pad for iOS Devices

Seems like almost every type of lighting controller out there is coming out with an iOS app.  And for a good reason too!  I don’t think you will EVER miss place this remote!  If you do, call it or use Apple’s Find My iPhone/iPad.

e:cue released an iOS app called e:cue Action Pad for iPhone/iPad.  If you know anything about e:cue, they create some pretty sophisticated lighting control.  The neat thing about e:cue is that the control lives on a centralized serve and then “remote” into the control via applications, e:cue specific hardware devices and now a wireless device like the iPhone/iPad.

The e:cue Action Pad App is actually just a very simple client to the e:cue server, (from what I can tell).  All of the layouts and controls are actually designed and held back at the server and then ran on the iOS device for playback and control. Pretty neat concept.

The e:cue Action Pad App is a free download from the iTunes App Store.  But, in order for you to start using it in your facility or even home, you need just a couple of more things from e:cue to getting working.  Like a server and the control/design software.

Learn more about the e:cue hardware by visiting their web site at  You can download the e:cue Action Pad App from the iTunes App Store. The App is designed to run both on the iPhone/iPod Touch and the iPad.