iPad Paperwork

When the iPad was first announced, one of the first things my friends and colleagues in this business asked was: when can we have our lighting paperwork be interactive on it?

Early this morning on the showfloor, I caught a glimpse of something coming. There it was, the unmistakable glossy rectangle of the iPad… plugged into the Mac in front of John McKernon.

With many of the features of the main app (sorting, quick editing of all fields, focus statuses, etc) this app looks to be quite a helpful tool to add to the toolbox. By having it on a flat surface with the “instant on and off” screen, it will diminish at least some of the light trespass at the tech table. To carry the iPad around at focus will eliminate a lot of the back and forth paper shuffling when attending to multiple positions at the same time. And for those who dislike lugging the computer around but don’t mind something that only weights a pound and a half, marking notes directly to it rather than on a printout or a PDF will be a great time saver.

For a screen shot of Lightwright™ Touch, head on over to www.pocketlighting.com by West Side Systems and keep an eye on it, for it is “coming soon!”