Podcast: Episode 10 – Jim Moody Session at USITT 2010

I am quickly coming to the end of my USITT 2010 coverage. This has got to be one of the best sessions that was held during the conference on lighting.  Mr. Jim Moody , Paul Dexter and Libby Gray held a panel discussion, So you wanna Rock and Roll? The panel talked at great lengths about what it’s like to be out on tour and the whole lifestyle that is associated with it. On top of that, they gave out some really helpful advice to help you succeed in that line of work.

I do have to mention that there is some profanity used in this episode of the podcast.  I do try to keep the podcast clean and suitable for all ages, but when you get a bunch of road veterans in one room, the f-bombs seem to drop pretty easy. So consider this as my parental advisory!

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