iSquint Podcast: Episode 11 – #LDI2010 PreShow with Michael Eddy

After just a bit of a break, the iSquint Podcast is back and feature packed! In this the 11th episode, I talked with Michael Eddy, for those you on twitter, you may know him at @mseddy2900. Besides just being an all around awesome guy, Michael has also been in and seen a lot in this industry over the past thirty years. He has a lot of great insight and knowledge about every aspect of the business and has some great stories to go along with it all.

Back to the Podcast, each year, I like doing a PreShow podcast to get everyone pumped and prepared for what to see at the show and how to make the mmost of your time.  Michael and I sat down and had a lot longer of a talk about this then I originally thought.  It is worth every 43 minutes worth of information.

As everyone prepares to head to Las Vegas this week, download the iSquint Podcast and have a listen on your way.  Everyone be safe and see you in a couple of days in Sin City!

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