iSquint Podcast: Episode 7 – Finding Your Next Lighting Desk

It is that time of year, the trade show season is about to begin.  Visitors from around the country and around the world visit trade shows to see some of the latest products and services available to our beloved industry. One of the most talked about and sometimes confusing product to compare is lighting control and consoles.

So in episode 7, I sat down with Rob Halliday and we talk about lighting control and consoles.  Rob Halliday writes reviews about lighting consoles in both Lighting & Sound International and Lighting & Sound America.  Rob is a freelance lighting designer and programmer based in England and is known to show up state side now and then.

Our goal of this conversation was to get you to think about what you are specifically looking for out of your next lighting console or, if you really even need a new console!

Rob and I talked at length about different types, function and abilities of lighting desk to help you understand some of the choices you have out there. While we did mention a couple of brands and specific consoles in the podcast, we are not endorsing or recommending those desk.  We used them as examples to help illustrate our points as the desk are well known throughout the industry.

If you have additional questions or comments, Rob and I will be happy to help.  You can reach either of us through the Contact Us page here on

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