Jands Vista Upcoming Console Software, Byron, Explained at USITT 2010

USITT had a ton of offerings in control products. One that I have been eager to play with since a crazy rock LD from the UK got it stuck in my head has been Jands Vista’s up coming operating system upgrade, Byron. I have hinted in the past a couple of features of Byron along with release dates. As it turns out, Byron is not fully ready and that is understandable. I would prefer to be on a stable console then one that needs constant updating.

AC Lighting had a T2 Console up and running with the latest build of Byron to show off some of the features of the new operating system. Darryl Ross from AC Lighting was nice enough to take me on a little tour of Byron on video in fact! There was no mention of when Byron will be ready, put after seeing what Byron can do, it will be worth the wait!

Update: As a professional courtesy, I have removed the Byron demo video from visibility. I am sorry for any problems this might cause. If you were able to see the video before I removed it, consider yourself lucky, the video was a little “to detailed”. I promise to put the video back as soon as possible so please be patient.