JR Clancy on Facebook, Show Us Your Scariest Rigging Photos

In JR Clancy’s latest Rigging Report email, they are calling for photos. No, not photos of your beautiful self, but photos of scary rigging. We have all been then.  We have walked into a theatre, looked up and had to do a double take. “Are they really hanging pipes with dog chain?!?”  Yup, I have seen that done and I RAN.

If you are like me, you take photos of these scary situations to show friends and co-workers just how un-safe that space is.  JR Clancy is looking for those photos to add to their Facebook page.  The collection of photos is not intended to make fun or laugh at a venue, but to serve as a remind why annual rigging inspections are so so important. Life would not be good if a schedule 40 pipe came crashing down from ANY height.

Dig through your scary rigging photos and be sure to add them to JR Clancy’s Facebook page to shed some light on some of the scariest rigging out there.  And yes, you can withhold your name and venue location by contacting JR Clancy to add the photo for you.


In response to one of our readers comments, JR Clancy wanted to follow up about scary rigging photos of their products as well.  Here is what Patrick Finn from JR Clancy has to say:

This is Patrick Finn from J.R. Clancy. We want to see scary rigging photos of our equipment most of all. We can have fun posting the scary rigging photos on Facebook because we know that shortly after the shots are taken the issues are corrected. Please send me some pictures and let me know what theatre you are referring to. If this is an old system we can recommend an ETCP certified rigger who can inspect and repair the issues, and if this is a new installation the equipment may be under warranty. We want to know about all Clancy equipment installation good and bad so we can we address any issues. Thanks and I look forward to seeing your scary photos.