JR Clancy’s Factory – There’s ALWAYS Something Exciting Happening

Just about every day, there’s something unusual in production at JR Clancy’s plant in Syracuse, NY. Today, for example, they have got a gear motor that’s over five feet high – going into a new performing arts center. There’s also a new self-climbing truss being assembled this week.

At other times, they might be building stage lifts, custom hoists, or doing destructive testing – there is always something interesting going on there!  When I visited the plant early last spring, I was FLOORED!  I personally have never been up close and personal with rigging equipment of this size, but this is nothing new for JR Clancy, just another day at the office for them.  But they don’t treat that way, each project is special and gets just as much love and attention as the small stuff like header blocks or any other rigging component that JR Clancy fabricates in-house.

Off the factory floor, JR Clancy is always trying to destroy something that they make.  Their philosophy, it’s better to break it here then on stage.  They do this for a very good reason, to find the safe working load for all of their products then they take it to the extreme, let’s see what it takes to have a failure, in a controlled manor of course.  Destructive test as just another way that JR Clancy ensures that their products and services hold up to the demands of the entertainment industry.