Kezia LED Fixture – NAB 2010

It seemed that NAB was just like LDI, the trade show of LEDs, but hey, why not, they are only getting better.  One of the booths that I was told over and over again to see as well as a personal invite was PRG Distribution.  In the PRG booth was a company and fixture that I have never heard of, Gekko Technologies.  From looking over their web site,, Gekko makes LED lighting solutions for the TV, Film and Photography markets.

Gekko was showing off two of their latest products, the Kezia 50 and 200. They are designed for shooting on location or in the studio with the ability to go from 2900k, 3200k, 5600k and 6500k. The fixtures can be ordered with a white optimized array of a wider saturated color ranger well suited for theatre and architectural markets.

The fixture operate on 90-264 volts  with 50 watts power draw on the Kezia 50 and 190 watt power draw on the Kezia 200. What is impressive is the light output on the fixtures.  At 12ft, the Kezia 50 outputs 42 foot candles while the Kezia 200 outputs 60 foot candles.

To learn more about the Gekko Kezia 50 & 200, visit their web site at