#LDI2010: 4Wall Industry Party – HUGE Thanks!

I have got to give it up for 4Wall Lighting.  Like I mentioned earlier, this was my second 4Wall Party and they are truly living up to the reputation of throwing an awesome party!  I showed up fashionably late like the rest of the Parnelli Award attendees, but we didn’t miss a thing! The party was in full swing within the old Cinelease Warehouse in you guessed it, the warehouse district of Las Vegas.  I’ll never forget my cabbies comment on the way out, “What the hell is out there, some sort of new ultra hip club? I thought I knew where they all are.”

On stage was our industry’s own Swining Johnson’s pumping out some great music!.  I took over 500 photos of those guys last night and it was so much fun!  The rig, the music, the people, just so much fun!  I also took some video of some of their the sets.  I love those guys!

So ANOTHER super huge thank you to the 4Wall gang for the invite to a great party!  I had a blast!