#LDI2010: MADRIX to Announce and Demo V2.10 Software Update

The third major update this year has been released for the LED lighting control software MADRIX. The new version 2.10 will be officially presented at LDI 2010 in Las Vegas. Again, this is a free update for every user of MADRIX. Among many improvements, there are several new central features:

MIDI Remote Editor – In Control.
Free MIDI mapping has been a long-awaited feature. With MADRIX 2.10 users are now able to assign controls freely and individually for any MIDI console. The MIDI Remote Editor provides the tools to create simple as well as complex configurations to control the MADRIX software remotely. At the same time, several new MIDI maps have been added to the selection of pre-defined MIDI maps.

WASAPI – Soundastic.
The Windows® Audio Session API has been implemented to enhance audio capturing and the MADRIX audio analysis. The audio analysis has always been a significant feature of the software. From now on, it will perform even faster and more precisely under Windows® Vista and 7. All Sound2Light and Music2Light effects are automatically getting a big improvement due to the implementation.

SCE Video – Deinterlacing.
Combining MADRIX live effects with live video streaming is becoming increasingly important to users of the software. The effect SCE Video has been updated to support capturing of interlaced sources as well as playback of interlaced video files. In addition, users can choose from several modes.

MADRIX KEY dvi start – New Product. And Product Updates.
MADRIX KEY dvi start has been added to the MADRIX range of products. The market of DVI-based LED fixtures is rapidly growing. And with this new product 512 DVI pixels are provided for small installations (e.g. 32×16). Moreover, MADRIX KEY dvi supports up to 307,200 DVI pixels (e.g. 640×480) from now on. MADRIX KEY professional supports up to 786,432 DVI pixels (e.g. 1024×768) and 32,768 DMX channels. MADRIX KEY ultimate supports up to 1,310,720 DVI pixels (e.g. 1280×1024) and 131,072 DMX channels. Other factors, for example hardware limitations, should be noted. The ColourSmart Link protocol for ColourSmart products was also added for all versions with DVI output.

If you are heading to LDI next week, make sure to stop by MADRIX stand, (2255) to check out v2.10.  If not, you can head to their website, www.madrix.com to learn more and to download a demo copy of the software.