#LDI2010: Novella Smith Shows Off the ETC Selador Pearl LED Fixture

I love Novella Smith.  She has such a love for lighting and color!  It really shows when she is talking about her products, the Selador series of LED products from ETC.  Every time I see Novella, she has a HUGE smile on and can not wait to talk about color.  Her passion behind it really shows when she starts talking about mixing colors and using the Selador fixtures.  She mesmerizes you and gets you just as excited as she goes along.

This year at LDI was just as exciting.  Novella took a couple minutes out of her busy demo schedule to show me the latest Selador fixture, the Pearl.  It is an all white LED fixture with 3200k and 5600k LEDs in the same form factor as the rest of the 11″ Selador fixtures.  I’ll let Novella take it from here as she gives the best demo!

Thanks Novella, I miss you already!