#LDI2010: Rosco Celebrates 100 Years and Announces Two New Products

2010 Marks the 100th anniversary of Rosco Labs.  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ROSCO!  Congratulations on 100 years, here is to hundreds and hundreds more!  At LDI 2010, Rosco had 100 years of history of the company on display.  WOW, there were some pretty interesting facts and old products and swatch books on display. Joel Svendsen of Rosco has a great post on the recently launched Rosco Spectrum Blog about some of the History of Rosco and were the labs part of the name came into play.

Rosco’s New York Sale Rep, Chad Tiller was kind enough to do yet another on camera appearance for me to go over some of the history of Rosco and some of the latest technology and products that Rosco is continuing to develop.  Take a look at the video and then head over to www.rosco.com to learn more. Thanks Chad for being a great sport, you’re awesome man!