#LDI2010: Thanks for the Memories and Day 3 Photos

The show floor closed over 5 hours ago and WOW, what a ride this year.  There were a ton of things to see this year.  A couple of things stuck out what the over all theme was once again LEDs.  I think Richard Cadena said it best, the LEDs were bright Friday morning, and even brighter at 5pm on Saturday.  Meaning that LEDs are rapidly evolving and getting better and better by the day it seems. I think the one stand out LED fixture of the show had to be the Martin Mac 101.  It is super bright for it’s size and faster then any moving lighting that I have seen. I’ll have more about the Mac 101 later on.

Now I am not saying that any of the other LED fixture I saw were not worth mentioning at all.  I just have Mac on the brain!  Over the next couple of days after recovering from LDI and being in Sin City, I’ll be posting everything I witnessed and all the great information I found out.  Till then, check out Day 3 photos from the show.  Don’t forget to check out Day 1 and Day 2 photos.  You might just see something interesting and just a bit weird, (thanks Mr. Shelly!).

Thanks Live Design and Penton Media.  Great job this year, I had one hell of a time and can’t wait for the next one.  Everyone that is still in Vegas, safe travels home!