Lighting in New York City – It’s More Beautiful Then You Think

Before I go on about the Broadway Lighting Master Classes, I wanted to share something that all of you have inspired me to do. It has been a very long time since I have taken out the camera and just started shooting.  With all of the work and amazing photos that everyone has shared either here, on flickr, or on your own site or other sites, you have all gotten me fired up in me about my picture taking. You have encourage me to capture moments and feelings with photography and I thank each and everyone of you!

I want to share a couple of photos that I had taken the afternoon before the Broadway Lighting Master Classes in New York City as I hope to help inspire and encourage you and others to capture your own moments.  As my father would say, I arrived in New York City at the “Golden Hour” for photography, the late afternoon around 5:30pm.  After checking into the NYU dorm where I was stay, I was eager to hit the streets and see some of my favorite sections of the city.  With the Camera in tow, I headed down Broadway to SoHo to visit one of the many Apple Stores in NYC. Along the way, I witnessed some of the most amazing lighting in the city that I have ever seen.

Now, when people mention the lights of New York City, most times they are referencing the manufactured lighting of Time Square or advertisement bill boards or video displays all around the city.  That is not what I mean, I mean the natural beauty the afternoon sun produces reflecting, refracting and penetrating the urban jungle that is NYC.

From the images below, you may get a sense of what I mean. A simply stunning white faced building 3/4 in shadow might seem unappealing to the unimaginative, but to me, it shows a city putting an end to the day like a dock worker taking off his hard hat at the end of the day.  How about the simple shape of the apple logo cut out of a piece of metal and hung on a brick wall.  Of course I get excited seeing that simple shape as it means I have arrived at the SoHo Apple Store, but take a second look.  Look at the distorted shape of the Apple logo in shadow and light, something so simple taken out of normal representation and given a new look.

I found myself looking at the Apple sign for a bit before I went into the store.  Not because I was in awe of being at yet another Apple store, but I wanted to watch the shadow of the Apple sign move with the setting of the sun to create a sun dial of sorts. And yes, the power of the Apple store did eventually get to me and I had to go inside and I am glad I did.  Not because I wanted to see any of the new MacBooks or sit in on a apple session, the power of the architecture and simplicity of design that is found in every apple store.  I have seen photos of the SoHo store before and have wanted to visit for a long time.  The use of glass and light are just amazing.  Beams of light come flowing in from the sky light and fill the store with natural beauty.  One thing that I am every curious about is the wooden water town visible just outside of the skylight.  Seen just right, you see old world technology meeting new, now is that intentional or just a happy mistake? I’ll have to quiz Steve Jobs when I finally meet him some day!

Of all the images that I took that day, I am only showing a fraction of what I took. I feel that these are some of the best ones taken, but there are a couple that I am keeping to myself. Not that I am protecting my images or hiding anything from you, it’s just that these couple of images mean something special to me. I feel that photography has the ability to capture a lot of things, feelings, emotions, events, memories and so forth.  There comes a time when you capture a moment in time and it does something to you, it means something special.  A couple of photos did that for me that day. Now will I lock them up and never show anyone? Heck no! But at the moment, I want to keep these very meaningful images to myself, sorry. ;)

I normally don’t feel right unless I have left you with something.  Whether that is news about products or information about events or maybe a bit of advice. So hear is the helpful hint to you, always carry a camera.  That is it, plain and simple.  Now, let me clarify that a bit, you don’t need to carry around your precious DSLR or expensive camera, that is, unless you want to. Carry around something that has the ability to capture a moment that means something to you.  Keep a simple point-n-click camera in your pocket or use your iPhone/smart phones camera, capture the moment.  I have taken many photos with my iPhone over the last three years and while the images may not look to exciting or mean anything to you, each image on my iPhone has the ability to take me back to that moment in time and remind me of why I took it. I encourage you to do the same, who knows, you might just like it!