MA Lighting Releases grandMA2 remote App for iPhone/iPad

It was only a matter of time that MA Lighting would release a new iOS app for the grandMA2 series of desk.  Just like the long awaited Hootsuite for iPad app, MA Lighting recently announced the new a, grandMA2 remote. The app is still FREE, but you do still need to spend just a bit of money on the desk.

Here is a bit more about the app:

The grandMA remote 2.0 can also be easily used in connection with a grandMA onPC (1&2). Because of the bi-directional communication between grandMA and remote control it is also possible to show intensities and positions or attributes of moving lights in real-time.


  • Convenient remote control for all important functions of the grandMA range
  • High distances and safe use with all grandMA consoles
  • Up to 2 (for grandMA1 even up to 6) remote control units can be used with each console or station
  • Software is available free of charge
  • Same software for console compatibility: one system – one operating philosophy
  • Completely configurable for every application: Theatre, TV, Concert Touring, Entertainment, etc.
  • Elegant programming and control of moving lights, dimmers, LEDs, effects and media servers
  • Mature software and hardware

Difference to the former grandMA remote Software: The grandMA remote 2.0 software connects to both grandMA2 series consoles and grandMA1 series consoles. Connectivity to grandMA2 consoles requires grandMA2 Version 2.1 at minimum.

Head over to the iTunes App Store and pick up a copy of the grandMA2 remote app and start using it today.  To download the grandMA OnPC 1 or 2, head over to