Martin Professional Announces M-PC Control Software

Following the successful launch of the M1 lighting controller, Martin Professional introduces two new PC-based controllers to its lineup.

The M-PC Pro, which replaces the original Maxxyz PC, includes all the features of the Maxxyz PC plus all new features from the new M1 console. In addition, M-PC Pro has been upgraded from 32 to 64 DMX universes over standard Artnet or by using the Martin USB DUO DMX™, making it some of the most powerful PC-based lighting software ever made.

For budget-oriented applications, the M-PC Basic offers the same feature set as the M-PC Pro but can generate a maximum of 8 DMX universes. Both M-PC Pro and M-PC Basic come with the MSD5 (Martin ShowDesigner) MC Edition 3D Visualizer and one Martin USB DUO DMX.

In the same round of new releases, Martin also announces the addition of an M-PC 8 universes license to the Martin Ether2DMX8 Artnet to DMX converter. Once connected to a PC, the Ether2DMX8 will activate the M-PC Basic.

I personally am still waiting in the wings for Martin to realize that I am a Mac person and not a windows user.  The M-PC is a windows only program…. at the moment hopefully. Learn more about the M-PC by visiting Martin’s website at