Martin Releases v2 Software for P3-100

Martin Professional announces the release of V2 software for the P3-100 System Controller that puts this award-winning LED video screen processor even further ahead of the competition. Martin has added a host of new and advanced features, including an improved user interface, to make it even easier to use.

The V2 software will run on any P3-100; no need for any hardware upgrades.
Highlights of the V2 software:

  • LED video screens with different pixel pitches (resolutions) can now be combined on one P3-100 System Controller. The P3-100 (V2) does all the scaling for you.
  • Easily adjust the color temperature (white balance) of the screens to match them to other screens.
  • Undo and redo buttons allow any changes to be easily undone or re-done.
  • Now users can freely rotate the content on any video panel or group of panels to any angle, not just in steps of 90 degrees, opening up a host of creative possibilities.
  • Easy-to-select groups of panels can be created for easier and faster handling of big and complex setups.
  • Layout and quick-addressing wizards help to configure and set up all key parameters with a minimum of time and effort.
  • Even more video-presets have been added to save and recall settings without limitations.
  • A much improved (and very intuitive) DMX-control patching GUI makes for easier setup of live control from your favorite control console.
  • A free-of-charge P3-100 Offline Editor allows for pre-programming of a setup/show on any standard PC.

With the P3-100 and any control console users can control fixture position, fixture rotation, intensity, color temperature, video preset recall, blackout, etc. in real-time, on a cue-by-cue basis for perfect lighting and video synchronization.

Martin has added predefined DMX control sets that match with personalities found in the major lighting consoles, including the popular new Martin M1 lighting console. And, to help users focus on the creative aspects of the show, a DMX Setup Wizard has been added to facilitate fast and easy creation of many DMX control options.

Learn more about the new software from Martin for the P3-100 by visiting their web site at