Martin Updates Maxedia Media Server to v4.2

In 2009, Martin introduced Maxedia Broadcast on i7 hardware along with the new Maxedia 4 engine, delivering stunning performance and allowing up to 8 simultaneous video playbacks in Full High Definition resolution. This latest software update includes over 40 new features from ultra-low latency video input engine performance to a new user interface with enhanced controls. The new software offers features and an ease of use that no other media server can provide.

A series of enhanced controls has been implemented to accelerate workflow and give Maxedia a better feel. The new user interface includes a new color scheme to facilitate long programming hours in the darkness, yet will still be familiar to Maxedia users.

Maxedia 4.2 is fully optimized to work with the new ultra-fast MCC Maxedia Capture Card. It also allows 20 layers with Maxedia Compact RM.

Main updates include:

HD inputs

With the release of the new ultra-fast MCC Maxedia Capture Card, Maxedia 4.2 software comes with a revised video input engine. With a choice of Dual HD-SDI and Dual DVI/VGA capture cards, Maxedia is ideal for high definition broadcast situations.

Spherical projection

Maxedia 4.2 includes a comprehensive set of tools for easy use with PufferFish – Puffersphere.

3D warping

Maxedia 4.2 features a uniquely designed and easy-to-use warping screen tool. Warping is even supported on Matrox TrippleHead2Go to control each section independently.

New controls

The programming section has received several new controls including control of video playback with a scrub bar, allowing users to jump anywhere in the video, as well as insert start, in/out points. Additionally, each layer now has a new set of color controls for very detailed changes.

Per layer framing tool

Framing on each layer is possible for a wide range of montage options. Direct access to parameters is also now possible.

More effects!

No less than 12 new and useful shader-effects have been added that can be applied to any layer/plug-in.

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