NAB 2010 – Day Two with Photos

Day two of NAB 2010 is done and gone. The day started off pretty awesome for me. I was invited to take a back stage tour of KA at the MGM Grand. Let me tell you, what an AWESOME experience! Seeing backstage at a Las Vegas Circqu show is unbelievable with KA especially. The amount of lifts, nets hydraulics, motors mad motion control involved in the show is just crazy! I was able to snap a couple of photos from front of house, not so much from backstage though, sorry.

After the tour back stage, it was a short trip on the Las Vegas Monorail to the convention center to visit and see more exciting products on the show floor. Let me tell you, some of the things I witnessed today were pretty thrilling. I saw over six, yes, six new LED fixtures that were hands down crazy excellent. DiSisti’s upcoming RGBW LED fixture is very bright and pretty damn affordable at under $2000. Videssence also has a couple new focusable LED fixture that are insanely bright. There was also a new studio LED fixture from Prism Projection, a new TV and Film LED that is being distributed by PRG.

I plan on going into GREAT detail about each of these fixtures quite soon. If you are in Vegas still for NAB, make sure to stop by the previously mentioned booths, these LED fixtures will knock your socks off!

I have a dinner date rapidly approaching here so I will leave you with some photos from around the show floor. Stay tuned for updates during the show tomorrow!

Photos from Day two at NAB 2010