New Lighting iPhone App – iSquint

iSquint App LineupDo you like your iPhone/iPod Touch?  Do you like to read iSquint?  Well, to take a line from Apple’s marketing department, There’s an app for that, and it’s called the iSquint App.  Think of the iSquint app as a portal into all the different types of content that iSquint produces.  Want to read the latest headlines, easy, click on the home screen of the app and there are the latest articles for you to read at your leisure.  You can also listen to the iSquint Podcast and view video’s from the iSquint YouTube Channel all from right within the iSquint app. You can even view an up-to-date listing of the iSquint twitter feed.

You get all of this for nothing, zilch, nada or otherwise… FREE.  I don’t feel that you should have to pay to read something that you can read for free on the internet.  So why even offer an iPhone app when you can read iSquint on your iPhone through Safari?  During the redesign of iSquint, it was important to me to make the site readable across ALL platforms, including the iPhone and it was successful. But how to make it even easier to read iSquint on the iPhone was the next challenge… an iPhone app! The iSquint App makes it even easier and quicker to read the latest news, podcast, video’s and twitter updates from iSquint in one easy to read app.

Head over to the iTunes App Store on your computer, iPhone, iPod Touch and soon, the iPad to download your FREE copy of the iSquint App. Droid and Blackberry users… I have not forgotten about you… stay tuned ;)