New Purchasing Options for FocusTrack Software

FocusTrack, the production lighting documentation system, is pleased to announce a new purchasing option designed to make FocusTrack even more accessible than before. FocusTrack’s new Single Show option enables the purchase of FocusTrack for one single production for a cost of just UK£245 – US$375.

This compares to the original Full FocusTrack licence at UK£400 or US$600. That licensing option is still available for those looking to use FocusTrack to document multiple productions. In addition, FocusTrack is available to students for UK£90 or US$140.

“When we first launched FocusTrack, I thought that programmers would be the ones to buy it, since it directly saves them time and effort in tidying up and documenting the shows they work to create,” comments FocusTrack’s Rob Halliday. “In fact, in most cases programmers have persuaded the show to purchase it. Our new purchasing option is designed to ensure show producers offer less resistance when the lighting team decide to obtain FocusTrack for a show. As before, it will mean there ends up being an easily created, accurate record of the show lighting, allowing that lighting to be precisely maintained over the run of the show. It’ll just cost a little less to achieve that! At the same time, designers, associates or programmers who want to work with FocusTrack across multiple productions can continue to do so exactly as before with the Full option.”

FocusTrack can be purchased from the FocusTrack website, The latest version of the software, which adds a host of new features including Fault Logging and support for use on iPhones and iPads, can also be downloaded from the website. The software, available for PC or Mac, offers s demo mode, allowing it to be evaluated prior to purchase.