Pix2o Video Solutions

A fellow twitter addict, Scott Renick, (@sdrenick) turned me on to a new video display called Pix2o. Scott has been teasing a couple of us on twitter about getting an early peak at the video display system.  He has yet to share any spy shots or video of the display system in action.  But Scott has mentioned it is something that has to be seen in person.

The VideoBlade is the foundation and building blocks of the Pix2o Display System. The VideoBlades are ultra thin modules at 75mm high by 1m long and weighing in at 40lbs for one square meter of modules. The VideoBlade modules can be connected together to create almost any size video display you may require.

From the looks of it, The VideoBlade system is highly flexible in orientation, size requirements and bendable too.  Did I mention that these things are completely waterproof? Well, they are!  The VideoBlade Modules are just one part of the entire system from Pix2o.  To learn more about the system, visit their web site at www.pix2o.com.

Thanks Scott for the heads up!