#PLASA2010 Started Yesterday, Follow the Coverage

The PLASA show in London England started yesterday! Since I will not be attending the show, I wanted to put up some links and places to find out what is happening at the show.

First, let’s start with the easy one, the PLASA Show website – www.plasashow.com

UK Sound & Lighting Community or UKSLC, Jim said he’ll be there – www.ukslc.org@ukslc

On Stage Lighting, Rob Sayer will also be there. – www.onstagelighting.co.uk@onstagelighting

Techie Talk, I don’t know if they will be there, but it won’t hurt to watch – www.techietalk.co.uk@techietalk

The of course there are the twitter feeds to watch.  Make sure to watch the shows twitter feed, @PlasaShow. Then there are the twitter has tags too, #PLSAS and #PLSAS2010. I hope that these links help.  I’ll try and have more information up as I hear about things. Don’t forget to look over all the announcements that were made before the show!