Renew Your ETCP Certification at LDI 2010

Continued training and professional development activities are essential in the changing entertainment technology environment. Therefore, to maintain ETCP certification, an ETCP Certified Technician must accumulate 40 renewal credits of continued training/professional development OR retake the certification examination and accumulate a minimum of 10 renewal credits of continued training/professional development over the 5 year period following the examination to maintain certification.

LDI 2010 provides many opportunities to gain renewal credits at the 2010 show, which will occur October 19-24, 2010. The following courses are taught by ETCP Recognized Trainers and are sponsored by The ESTA Foundation Seminars &Training Committee: “Left Brain Rigging: An A-Z On Math and How it Applies to Rigging,” Johnny Perri (14 ETCP Renewal Credits); “Stage Rigging Fundamentals,” Jay O. Glerum (14 ETCP Renewal Credits); and “Left Brain Rigging Calculator,” Johnny Perri (7 ETCP Renewal Credits).

Three courses are offered by ETCP Recognized Training Programs: “FTSI Professional Automation Training: Navigator Programming and Equipment,” Fisher Technical Services (21 ETCP Renewal Credits); “Safely Building the Beast,” TOMCAT USA, Inc. (12 ETCP Renewal Credits) and “Overview of the Ion Control System,” (3 ETCP Renewal Credits) and “Advanced Tips and Tricks for the Ion Control System,” (3 ETCP Renewal Credits) – both taught by ETC.

There are many other opportunities for ETCP Renewal Credits and more information about these courses can be found at: Want more information about ETCP? Please contact Meredith Moseley-Bennett, Certification Manager at or call 212.244.1505.