Rosco’s 12 New E-Colour Gels

Rosco Labs recently announced the arrival of 12 new colors of gel to their E-Colour line up.  To help celebrate and get the new gels into users hands, Rosco Labs gave out 12 packets of the new gel colors in 6″ x 6″ sheets for people to test and see how they like them.  I was lucky enough to be one of the 12 people to re-tweet and receive one of those said packets.  Here is a line up of the new colors, the listing corresponds to the gel spread pictured above from left to right.

  • E5084 – Damson Violet
  • E5085 – French Lilac
  • E5202 – Max Blue
  • E5211 – Ice Blue
  • E5264 – Venetian Blue
  • E5287 – Fuji Blue
  • E5336 – Aztec Gold
  • E5404 – Wisteria
  • E5454 – Olympia Green
  • E5455 – Tarragon
  • E5461 – Grotto Green
  • E5463 – Prussian Green

As an added bonus, I am passing along the gel pack to an iSquint reader.  All I ask is that you test and play with the colors and let Rosco Labs and myself know what you think of the new gel colors. How do you win said packet? Easy, tweet the following message on twitter: “@Rosco_Labs I love the smell of gel in the morning“. First one to tweet that wins, that simple.

Want to learn more about the 12 new E-Colours from Rosco Labs, visit their website at