Rose Brand Introduces Pallet Master Caster

Some times you really need to get you wagon’s rolling across the stage and make it look like they are just gliding across the stage. Keeping a wagon close to the ground and still easy to move on casters has been troublesome with traditional casters.

In steps Rose Brand with their first commercially available caster for low profile wagons, the Pallet Master Caster.  Rose Brand developed these together with Darnell Rose using the Advanced Elastomer and sealed bearings to create a 1 ¼” diameter caster for pallets. The flush mount height is only 5/8″ with a surface mount height of 3/4″ and each caster has the ability to hold 100 lbs.

The Pallet Master Casters are 100% American and made with US suppliers. Rose Brand has made PDF’s available for mounting and AutoCAD drawings by request.  The Pallet Master Caster runs $22 USD exclusively through Rose Brand.